Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Criteria - En Garde

Stephen Pedersen is a unsung musical hero of mine. I don't know why don't I throw his name around when talking influences. I really should. The White Octave is one of my all time favorite bands, and he was the brains behind them. He was also in Cursive. I really could give two shits about that band though. Because the only albums I've heard by them that i liked, had Stephen Pedersen on them. So yeah, get more cellos dOOdz! I listened to this album in full the other night after god knows how long. I remember waiting for its release. I was so excited to hear it. The realization that I had listened to this album a hell of alot hit very quick the other night. And it was awesome to reminisce. I don't remember being so fond of there follow up to this album. But maybe ill have to go back and listen. Criteria was a band that I aloud to fall out of my favor. And it wasn't even because of the music that band was making. It was because of my usual bullshit. I mentioned White Octave too many times to Criteria fans who responds with a unanimous "huh?" Enough to make a man vomit. The kids who did know of White Octave, didn't like them because they had gone backward from Criteria to discover them. I started my usual hate think. Where I start thinking of more accessible bands as inferior. Criteria gets a pass. I love this album. "Me on your front porch" was a lovey mix CD staple of mine for fucking years. And "Rescue Rescue" is fucking outrageously out of place and beautiful. I don't even know if they exist anymore as a band. well, hopefully Stephen Pedersen is doing something musical.

Buy it if you like it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eisley - Room Noises

my ex Sara(h) was all kinds of surprised when I put a track off this album on a mix CD I made for her. She said she never would've guessed I liked this band and was actually embarrassed herself to admit she liked them. Oh well. I guess she had me pigeon hold as mr. math rock post hardcore guy. which is mostly true. There aren't that many bands with female singers that I like. Uzeda and Bellini are really the weird ones. All the others just have girls who's voices I really love. I think the first time I saw Eisley was on MTV late one night on the program Subterranean. I loved them. I couldn't explain it. I'll admit to this day that they are completely odd in relation to what i listen to. But idk. Their music is pretty. haha. I'm sometimes a sucker for that stuff. I think that most of the albums I've posted on here are pretty "well duh". No surprise that I like them. This is the first one that might shock some people. Like indie pop rock with great female vox? well, here ya go.

if you like it, please buy it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Metallica - ...And Justice For All

I'll keep this short. Somewhere along the line, all the hipster fucktards decided that "Master Of Puppets" was when Metallica ended. That was the last good record they put out. I have to not so respectfully disagree. I will admit, i was a teenage Metallica fan. My friends and I used to listen to their records and play magic cards. Yep, there goes whatever mystique i may have had. haha. "Master Of Puppets" is my favorite Metallica album. It was the first I heard. BUT, i do not agree with concept that that was their last good album. Start to finish, I love this album. THIS was Metallica's last good album.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Primus - They Can't All Be Zingers

I got this album last year for my birthday. I was excited. My sis swung out of the ballpark. haha. Years and years ago, I used to listen to Primus all the time. I don't know if it was because they were in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (There is seriously NO FUCKING WAY that they would've lost that battle of the bands. Kiss cover vs. Primus playing "Tommy The Cat"? There's no question) or because "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver" was in Tony Hawk 2, which i used to play all the fucking time. I remember back in the Napster days listening to their cover of "YYZ". It was rad. Now I know that alot of people are down on "best of" albums. Sometimes, they do blow. BUT, i actually like this record. Its got all their "hits". haha. It has some stuff i hadn't heard before. Honestly, it would probably be better to go back to Frizzle Fry or Sailing The Seas Of Cheese, if you have never heard the band before. But for anyone who has heard them, this collection is alright for hearing alot of the songs you love. I've been listening to this in the shower the past week or so. haha.

If you like it, Buy It

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sharks Keep Moving - Desert Strings And Drifters

Sharks Keep Moving is one of my favorite bands. Alot of  people don't seem to know about them. And its sad. I will admit that I found out about them through Minus The Bear who, at the time, I really dug alot. But when it comes down to it, I would take Sharks Keep Moving ANY DAY EVER over Minus The Bear. I realize I'm in the minority, but I don't care. They are up there with American Football for me. As far as having some of the prettiest guitar work. I know right. Pretty? haha. That's just how i roll. They share a singer with Minus The Bear. So I guess if you like his voice, definitely listen to them. 

Back in December, my grandmother passed away. It was a very hard time for everyone in my family. It was another of many negative things that happened to me one after the other. That time went by so fast. Her estate became sort of a shit storm. That's what happens when you have so many kids. The 6 kids, adults now, all fighting over who wants what. I had never thought to ask for anything because of this. Alot of things were given to my sis because of Copeland. I did end up getting two things. A book from the 70's about the Unexplained and a record player. The record player is rad. The first record I bought for it was this Sharks Keep Moving album. Besides being a fucking cool looking record (see the pic) its a great album I can listen to over and over again. 
If you like it, buy it.