Sunday, September 18, 2011

it has been MONTHS

so I'm a huge dick and seriously haven't posted on here since april? huh? and i feel like before that it was awhile as well. idk what my issue is. a few posts i started, but didn't finish. and then the real bad news. last month my external hard drive with ALL of my music crashed. so albums/bands I wanted to write about, well, i don't have them anymore. this blows. and while i cant write and suggest things, the biggest loss to me personally was of all of my past bands. Which in a lot of cases, i was the only member who had the recordings. so im hurting. i dont have the funds presently to try recovering my hard drive, and i also dont have the money to buy a external to transfer whatever they could salvage. if anything. so what does this mean? idk. i still plan on getting on top of this again. its just when i have what i want to write about. and presently, i dont have that. I will keep you all posted on progress, etc. i apologize to anyone who actually checked this.