Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Okay, images back

took quite a long time, but i was able to get all of the images for the albums back up here. Some stuff doesn't exist anymore and i had to use other images instead. But overall, the blog is back looking the same as it has.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Some images are gone?

soooo, apparently, i must have unknowingly screwed up something with the image hosting for this blog. i admittedly have not checked here in awhile. And while working on my entries for my now annual "best of.." i decided to give a look. only to see quite ALOT of the album artwork is missing. I'm going through and removing alot of the "image missing" pics to try to make the blog look nicer. I hope to go back (maybe tonight?) and readd all the missing album artwork. Idk how long of a process it will be. but I will get things looking nice in time. and as i already eluded to, expect a nice looking "Best Of 2015" post coming early next year. <3 p="">