Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sleeping People – Notruf

Sleeping People started in the early thousands. I guess their initial claim to fame was that they had ex members of the instrumental math rock band Rumah Sakit. They also once had a member of The Dirty Projectors on gutiar. Anyhow, they seemingly disappeared after the release of their last full length “Growing” in 2007. I personally wasn’t sure what happened to them. As most of you could tell from my blog, and if you’ve ever spoke to me in real life, I enjoy math rock. At least some certain facets of the genre. I personally have become bored with the recent fad or whatever you call it that was essentially spurred on by Tera Melos and bands of that ilk. Its like kids who were into math rock listened to them and Maps & Atlases(Trees, Sparrows, Houses era anyway) and started bands emulating that style of Math Rock. You know what I mean. Extremely spazzy drums and guitarists tapping so much that something often gets lost in the translation. Not taking away from those 2 bands. I love early Tera Melos and Maps & Atlases. But I always appreciated the style as done by the likes of Don Caballero, Lynx, and Sleeping People. Sleeping People, more so than the other 2 aforementioned bands, seemed to really try their hardest to blend Math Rock and one of that genre’s predecessors Progressive Rock. Riffing that was clearly influenced by King Crimson. Not only that, but they themselves making reference in a song title (Fripp For Girls) to their love and influence from that band. Over the years they have released some really great music. Even through changes in member personal. Which can often really mess up a band. So after “Growing” and years of nothing, here comes “Notruf.” If there was ever proof that Sleeping People had prog influence and tendencies, this album is it. The album is only 2 songs. But they are awesome. Truth is, I've been listening to this album nonstop this past week and went out and bought the vinyl today. I’m glad they didn’t break up. And I really hope that they put out more albums. I think everything they have put out is spectacular. And I’m glad bands like this still exist in a math rock world that has definitely changed since their birth.

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Screw it. Blogs back on!

After a recent Twitter interaction with someone who just discovered the blog, I decided that this blog should continue. I am going to slowly try to get all the previous album downloads up for download again. It will be time consuming, and I will keep you all posted as to the progress with that. As things transpire with that though, I am planning on writing some new music blogs. Though I lost most of my old music I would've liked to have written about, I do have newer things that have come out since. So hopefully tonight or tomorrow, I will be posting a new blog posting! I’m excited. For anyone who has been interested in what I’ve been listening to I have been making posts on the sister tumblr page to this blog. Check that out here if you would like. definitely wish me luck with everything. thanks to all who have been interested, and still are interested!