Sunday, August 22, 2010

Codeine – The White Birch

When i was younger. I heard about slowcore and sadcore. Two genres of music that seemed fairly interchangeable. The music is exactly the same but the differentiation comes from the lyrics and what they are about. Either emotional and “sad” or more open ended. So really, interpretation of a band’s music plays alot into what you would consider them. Any how, the first band I started listening to that had been described as either of these genres was Red House Painters. I liked them so much that I looked into more bands. I got into Low and Idaho. And i think that was the end of my searching out slowcore/sadcore bands. So flash forward to years later. I start listening to Rodan and every band that is associated with them. Through my interest in Rodan, and later June of 44, i came upon Codeine. A slowcore/sadcore band i had heard of, but never heard. This is my shit. I mean, completely different from Red House Painters. More along the lines of Low. Like a Chicago style slowcore band, but from New York. The songs are slow. and they do tend to have a sad feel both musically and lyrically. But this band is really heavy at times. Leading the way with huge sounding distorted basslines. I mean, even beautiful with how it adds a ethereal quality. How i missed out on this album for so long is really beyond me. It sounds like something I would like. I think most people that listen to it could tell you that. “The White Birch” is actually revered as one of the defining albums in Slowcore and Sadcore. So definitely give it a listen. A good album to know.
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Monday, August 9, 2010


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just songs that i love and am really into at the moment.
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