Monday, August 24, 2009


hey guys. still here. no one really reads this anyway so its okay. i have a bunch of music i want to write about for this, and yet, i just haven't. life has been taking over time i would usually spend on here typing about whatever bullshit I think is good music. im looking into getting a netbook because alot of the time I feel inspired to write, I'm not at home at my computer. we will see if that ever happens. stick with me though.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mouse On The Keys

I used to write music reviews/recommendations for a blog called Listen To This Once. The thing I really disliked about writing for the site was we were limited to writing short blurbs about the bands & albums we covered. This rule was made by the guy who started the blog (His blog, his rules). But a lot of times I thought the bands or albums deserved a lot more than that. I will admit that often times I was a rebel and purposely wrote more than I was supposed to based off of my beliefs. My dislike of curt writing was not only limited to bands and albums I wrote about though. From time to time things were covered by other contributors that I thought deserved more than what they got. Mouse On The Keys is a great example of that. Mouse On The Keys is from Japan. There is definitely something to be said for that. I went through a period where I really Really REALLY wanted to move to Japan. The first reason was because I was fat and lonely and I had heard that 1) Japan is a the sumo culture and over weight men are viewed as sex symbols over there (not to mention I tend to find Japanese school girls cute) and 2) They love King Crimson, Prog, Math Rock, Etc. I used to play in a math rock band so Japan was like the promise land. And a lot of great bands have come out of Japan. In fact, Mouse On The Keys are label mates with another amazing Japanese band, Toe. This duo, live a 3 piece, plays a hybrid of jazz fusion that sometimes teeters on the verge being plain proggy. I love it. This band has the ability to do so many things. Some songs are straight forward and more along the lines of traditional Jazz. But other times they are off the wall. Interwoven piano parts and drum lines that could be described as insane. Another layer to this outrageous "lasagna" of a band is their funk and groove based/influenced compositions. I honestly cant say enough good things about this band. Their first full length, An Anxious Object, came out last month and its outrageous. Which is really great because they set the standard with, what I considered, the hard to follow Sezession EP. Fans of Jazz, Nu-Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Prog, Hiromi, and pretty much everything in between take note. Hopefully they come to America so I can see this craziness in person and shit myself. Haha.

I have no clue whether of not you can purchase these in the US
BUT, if you like them, please try to buy them & support the band!

"最後の晩餐 (Saigo No Bansan)" From The Sezession EP

"Spectres De Mouse" From An Anxious Object