Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All Of Them Witches - Where's The Song?

Sometimes one of my biggest complaints with modern math rock, is that its too fucking busy. Too much B.S. with poly rhythms and other things that you have to be fairly knowledgeable with music to understand. Don't get me wrong I'm all for musicality. I just think there is also something to be said for being accessible. That having been said, I have to say that one of my main reasons for loving All Of Them Witches is specifically because they are busy. What? Yes that's right. Let me explain. Unlike alot of math rock bands that just stop sounding cohesive when they get really busy, All Of Them Witches always stay together. And unlike alot of these math bands out there, I can relate this to certain local acts & writers especially, the parts never feel like they are just thrown together. I hate that shit. This is the band's first release and it encompasses 10 tracks of awesomeness. Its very rare that you can find a new on the scene band so tight and so good, that can belt out songs, and all of the songs feel like they spent an eternity writing and getting solid. But once it is mentioned that guitarists Vic Lazar and Phil Freedenberg spent years playing together in the Buffalo, NY band Knife Crazy, it makes perfect sense how they are able to gel so perfectly. The set up is the same. Phil playing clean, tapping guitar lines for the majority. While Vic is wailing and sometimes using distortion and other effects to change the mood. Drummer Cameron Rogers is the odd man out in this equation, though you would never know that listening to the band. I will be honest, I had never heard of Cameron prior to hearing All Of Them Witches. So for me, hearing and seeing him play was like a slap to the face. The guy is a OUTRAGEOUS drummer. Zach Hill-esc drum fills, Lightning fast single footed kick work, and keeping everything together while simultaneously taking it apart and coming at it from new and different angles. One thing I really love about his playing is, as good as he is, he knows when to just lay back and just chill on the kit. There is something to be said for that, and honestly, it helps the band alot. I really love this band and I love this album. Phil was nice enough to give me a copy, and I am very grateful. I've been listening to it in the shower pretty much everyday. haha. As far as first releases go, this one is top notch above most. I hope the band will stay together and continue to put out more great music.

The album I got was a pre release. I didn't upload it because I'm sure the band has plans to release it in the future with some rad artwork and all that. For now, Please go to the band's myspace page. Add them, watch their videos, listen to their music.

Friday, July 24, 2009

True If Destroyed

So this is my first music blog entry since being back from tour. I had actually meant to post this before I left. But due to time restraints I was unable to do so. I thought this would be a good entry to leave on, but I think its probably just as good to come back with. Come back with a severe bang! That was what I felt the first time I saw this band. I was blown away. It was unexpected. The show they played was, for the most part, unmemorable. But when they played, mind blowing. This Philadelphia band played post hardcore in the vain of the greatest dischord bands. And they had that same intense energy of alot of those bands. It was alot like if Fugazi had a female vocalist who also played piano and guitar on occasion. I had the good enough fortune to be able to play a show with these guys. It was actually a amazing show that, for whatever reason, very few people attended. Sever The Hands, True If Destroyed, The Amateur Party and One Hundred Metronomes. Solid stuff. Anyway, years pass and memories stay strong. This band is still one of the best and most memorable out of town bands that played Syracuse in my opinion. Fans of the classic DC post hardcore sound take note.

Try to find these if you can!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Tour Dates

Rejouissance Summer Tour:

July 9 – Bloomington, Indiana@ Greek Pizza*
July 10 – St Louis, Missouri@ The Lemp Arts Center*
July 11 – Wichita, Kansas@ Mayhaps Festival*
July 12 – Denver, Colorodo@ 3 Kings Tavern*
July 13 – Tucson, Arizona@ Red Room at Grill*
July 14 – San Diego, California@ The Soda Bar*
July 15 – Los Angeles, California@ Echo Curio*#
July 16 – San Francisco, California@ Thee Parkside*#
July 17 – Sacramento, California@ TBA*
July 18 – Portland, Oregon@ Laughing Horse Books*#
July 19 – Seattle, Washington@ TBA*
July 21 – Boise, Idaho@ Grandma's House
July 22 – Bismark, North Dakota @ TBA#
July 23 – Omaha, Nebraska @ TBA
July 24 – Chicago, Illinois @ TBA
July 25 – ??, Ohio @ ??

* W/
Red Tag Rummage Sale (Buffalo, NY)
# W/
Attica Attica (Portland, OR)

Obviously, some of these dates are not finalized. I don't know if they will ever be at this point. But its still a cool tour overall. I doubt anyone reads my blog from out of state, but if given some strange coincidence that you are from one of these places, COME ON OUT! its going to be a fun time.